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Notarial Services

A Notary Public is a solicitor who is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in London to attest or certify under official seal, deeds and other documents.  The Notary's office is recognised by most countries.

We can assist you with the following:

  • The taking of affidavits and declarations for use overseas;

  • The certification, authentication and witnessing of documents (again for use overseas);

  • Noting or protesting bills of exchange; and

  • Completing ships’ protests.

There is no need to make use of the services of a Notary Public in respect of documents that are to be used within New Zealand.


A minimum fee of $60.00 plus GST is payable per document requiring a notarial act. The hourly rate is $450.00 plus GST plus disbursements (if applicable).

It is preferable for you to make an appointment and to provide us with originals and exact copies of all documents to be notarised prior to the appointment date.  If an affidavit is to be sworn or a declaration taken we will need identification evidence - preferably a current passport but any other photo evidence of identity such as a driver's licence would also be acceptable. 

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